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Jennifer Pershing hits Sin City–again

Well, after another appearance in Vegas earlier this week—that makes two in close to a week—I think it’s safe to say it’s now starting to feel like a second home. I’ve been to Vegas so many times since I moved out to L.A., so whenever I get the chance to go out there I get super excited. I think I could see myself living in Las Vegas at some point, but I don’t know if it’s something I could do long term. More so, I could see myself owning some property there or something like that. Being from the East Coast, I kind of need to be near a beach. Honestly, I think Vegas would be somewhat blah unless you’re in the city. And for me, the city’s a little too crazy to live there. I kind of need a little bit of the ocean when I want it. Back East is fun, but I don’t like being cold. I don’t like the snow either. I’m definitely a California girl. That being said, I definitely see myself living out here in L.A. for quite some time. You know, you kind of get the itch to do something else sometimes, so maybe I’ll venture out and move somewhere else at some point. For right now, I kind of like being near my shopping malls and the beach.

I was in Vegas for such a short time this past trip, but I really enjoyed myself. I was with three other Playmates, so it was a lot different than last week when I was alone. I really took advantage of the time I was with them and really got to know the other girls. Kara Monaco (2006 Playmate of the Year), who I had never met, was a lot of fun to hang out with. On Monday, we were at the Playboy Club for what was called The Greatest Party on Earth. Was it The Greatest Party on Earth? I wouldn’t necessarily go there, but it was really fun. For the first half of the night we stayed at the Playboy Club and then we went to Moon for the second half. We were up dancing the whole night, and it was super cool.

The party was actually the opening night party for the Nightclub and Bar Convention, so as you can imagine, there was a lot of partying going on that first night. There were definitely some drunk people and definitely some crazy dancing going on on the dance floor—seriously crazy dancing. There were a couple people who actually bought issues with them—my issue and Jessica Burciaga’s (Miss February 2009) issue—for us to sign, and some even brought their own Sharpies. And for all the Playmates who were there that night, the club had our pictures circling on the TVs, so it was cool to see our pictorials flash by throughout the night.

(Miss February 2009 Jessica Burciaga and me at the Playboy Club)

Despite what you may think, we actually don’t get a lot of guys coming up to us and offering to buy us drinks. We’re usually sitting at our V.I.P. table and we have bouncers right there, so guys will come over and talk to us, but we’re not allowed to drink while we’re working. So that kind of takes buying any of us a drink out of the equation. But if I did have a drink of choice—it depends on where I am and what I have to fit into the next day—if I can get away with it, I would drink Coors Light (draft preferred) all night long. But you can get easily get bloated from that, so if you have to be skinny the next day, definitely do Absolut and Diet Coke.

I would have to say out of all the clubs in Vegas, the Playboy Club is one of the classier ones. I think it’s cool the way they have the table games going on up there. You can play the slots, you can play blackjack, and overall just the club’s atmosphere is great. And, of course, you can’t beat the Bunnies as servers. That adds its own little flair into the mix. And the view. Oh, the view is absolutely amazing up there. I’ve stayed at the Stratosphere many times, and the revolving restaurant offers a great view, but there’s nothing like being out and dancing with the windows everywhere and a view of the lights. It’s so pretty. You always see people when you’re there, too, taking their pictures up next to the window so they can get the gorgeous backdrop.

I really didn’t want this past weekend to end. Everyone who I’ve met so far during my work with Playboy has been so cool. Yesterday afternoon, when all the girls were in the airport together, we were exchanging phone numbers so we can all go see a Steel Panthers show together or something. We’re all so busy, though, doing all of this stuff right now. Whenever I get the chance, there are definitely some Playmates I like to hang out with a lot, such as Jessica Burciaga, and sometimes I’ll get together with the girls to see a Steel Panthers show. Kelly Carrington (Miss October 2008) has come out with me before. I like to hang out with Alison Waite (Miss May 2006) as well. She’s super cool. Love that girl.

I try to go to the Mansion as much as possible, but I’ve been promoting so much these past weeks, and when I’m not doing that, I have a full-time job. I usually get two Sundays off a month, so I try to go up for at least those two Sundays. Living here, I don’t have the luxury of coming and staying at the Mansion and just kind of being there for a few days. The Mansion is amazing, though, and I would love to live in the Playmate House. I never went to a college that was away, so for me I think it would kind of fill up that void in my life. I feel like with the camaraderie of the girls, the Playmates, everyone at the Mansion, it’s become kind of like a second family. To me that would be a really cool experience to have, and of course, you can’t beat the 24-hour butler service, the movies, celebrities going up there. It’s just such a cool lifestyle they live.

This past Sunday was The Girls Next Door finale. I’ve watched the show since day one, and I cried during the finale. What can I say? It’s the end of an era. These three girls will forever be known as the Girls Next Door. They just created such a brand for themselves. Meeting them all during my testing and shooting, I found they really are true to their characters on TV—that’s just who they are. Every show that I’ve seen since I’ve been in this position is a little more personal for me because I know everyone on the show, so if they’re upset it’s sad for me. It’s definitely different up there at the Mansion now. I was there to see all of that transform, and it’s weird to see it all played out on TV. But I love the show; it’s amazing.

I definitely got to know Holly more than Bridget and Kendra, as she worked with me closely on my Playmate shoot. Holly’s actually a big Steel Panthers fan, so she was really excited to help shoot my pictorial, because that meant she got to go see the band with me. We went shopping together for my shoot to get all of my clothes for all the different sets, so we spent a really good few days together. She even introduced me to sushi; I had never had sushi before. It was some place on Sunset Plaza Drive. I can’t remember the name.

We actually did have some paparazzi following us one day at Frederick’s of Hollywood. She’s so super nice to everybody; everybody loves Holly. It’s just a pleasure to be around her. Everyone stops her and is like, “Holly, can I get a picture?” And you start to feel bad for her after a while. People just don’t leave her alone. She’ll take a picture with whoever; she’ll sign any autograph. She’s just such a sweet, sweet person. I’m happy to know her.

I’ve only been up to the Mansion twice since the girls moved out, and yeah, the dynamic around there is different. But when you go up there for dinner, you kind of just hang out with the people you’re close to. Cristal Camden and I are good friends, as well as Stacy Burke. We kind of tend to just hang out in the back and talk about normal stuff. I try to stay away from the gossip. It doesn’t benefit anyone. We’re all there to do a job, and if we just stay focused on that it’s much better for the company.

I have met the twins, Karissa and Kristina Shannon. We actually shot a Girls Next Door episode together—the scuba episode. I think it aired two weeks ago. So I got to hang out with them for a day. They’re super sweet; I like them a lot. They’re really fun. I remember they were hanging off the boat the day we shot the episode. They’re always running around and always up for an adventure.

In response to reader Timothy and whether the March issue was my first time in Playboy, the 55th Anniversary Search feature was the first time I appeared, so that was the December 2008 issue. My March Centerfold, though, is the first pictorial I’ve done.

Thanks again guys for checking in. See you all next week!


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