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Playmate Blog: Meet Miss June 2009 Candice Cassidy

Hey there Playboy fans! Remember this face? Let me refresh your memory. In November 2006 I was the Cyber Club’s Cyber Girl of the Month, and you may have also seen me in one of our many Special Editions, or as one of’s Fresh Faces. But now I have a new title—Miss June 2009. I’ve been waiting for almost a year now to see what pictures Playboy picked from my Centerfold shoot. To finally see it all come together—the big issue release and my Playmate pictorial—is just really special, and I can’t wait for everyone else to see it too!

Ever since I was a senior in high school I knew I wanted to become a Playboy Playmate. The first magazine I ever bought was the June 2004 Playmate of the Year issue. Well, I have to admit I wasn’t alone when I made the purchase. I was embarrassed to go buy the magazine, so I had some boys in my class go buy it for me. Pretty funny, huh? After that, it took me about two years to get up the nerve to do nude photos. My mom and I discussed the possibility of me posing to make sure it was something I really wanted to do, which it most definitely was.

So about three years ago, I submitted my pictures to Playboy and they flew me out to L.A. two days later. I became a Cyber Girl of the Week first, and later, I was voted Cyber Girl of the Month. After that I posed for some of the Special Editions and Playboy online sites like Fresh Faces. About a year ago, I got a call from Playboy and I went out to the Mansion to shoot my Centerfold. Your photos have to be approved first, so they tell you not to get your hopes up until Hef gives the okay. The funny thing is, Playboy forgot to tell me he approved them! We were sitting at dinner one night at the Mansion, and Kayla Collins, Miss August 2008, said she heard I was going to be a Playmate, and I was like, “No, Hef hasn’t approved them yet.” Lucky for me, Holly was in the room and confirmed that the rumors were true. A year later, here I am as Playboy’s newest Centerfold!

When I first told my grandmother I was going to be a Playmate she was shocked because she’s a little conservative. I’m going over to her house today to show her the issue, so I can’t wait to see what she says. Hopefully she hasn’t already seen it from someone else. As you all probably know, the new issue hit newsstands Friday. I couldn’t wait to see the pictorial, so on Wednesday I stopped by a store in Portsmouth, Ohio (my hometown), and they somehow had the issue there a little early. I ended up buying five copies, but of course, a few hours later a whole box of magazines arrived at my house courtesy of Playboy. I guess I got a little antsy, but I just wanted to make sure I had a chance to swipe some copies before I headed to Vegas for my first appearance as a Playmate. As it turns out, the store in Portsmouth wasn’t the only place that had the issue on newsstands early. When I arrived at the airport in Columbus, Ohio the security guard immediately recognized me because the magazine was already out in the airport. Guess we know what he’s doing during his breaks!

So I arrived in Vegas—my first time ever visiting Sin City—and I couldn’t wait to start the weekend! Friday night I wined and dined with Miss October 2008, Kelly Carrington, and Miss May 2006, Alison Waite, both of whom live in Vegas. Since I live in Ohio and most of my Playmate friends live on the West Coast, it’s nice to travel for Playboy because it allows me to see all of them. I’ve known Alison for almost three years now, and I met Kelly at the Mansion more than a year ago, around the time I was shooting my Playmate pictorial. They’re two of my closest friends, so it was great to spend a weekend with them. Kelly even came with me to the Playboy Club on Sunday night when I hosted a party. I didn’t get to spend too much time outside of the Palms hotel while I was in Vegas. I spent both Friday and Saturday nights hosting the Playboy Comedy Show, which if you have to sit through something three times, you can’t pick a better option. It’s never the same and it’s so funny. I definitely want to head back to Vegas sometime though, and maybe now that I’m a Playmate I’ll have the opportunity to visit more—and maybe even stay in Hef’s super sweet Sky Villa.

This weekend I’ll be heading to Indianapolis for the Indy 500 party. I just got a text from Miss March 2009, Jennifer Pershing, who will be my roomie for the weekend. I know there’s a large group of Playmates going, which means there’s a whole lot of fun in store! Make sure to check back next week so you can see all the hot pics from my Indy 500 weekend…


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