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For the first not voting Blonde for P.O.Y

PMOY by public opinion will be a close call between Hope Dworaczyk, Candice Cassidy and Jessica Burciaga. Jessica will probably lose out since she is not on the best of terms with those who matter. Hope sure seems the likely winner at the moment. Candice had the best centerfold by far and this is the most positive factor in her favor among other things.

As for personal favorites, I have said before that while this hasn’t been a great year just like 2008 and has no one stand out Playmate, Jennifer Pershing means just a little more to me than the rest.

I am really waiting for Kelley Brooke Thompson. So far her preview pictures have been very appealing. If her actual layout is as good as that, she could become my stand out for this year but let’s see.

Special mention for Lindsey Gayle Evans who I found very cute and liked her ass a lot.

As for the rest, the Shannon Twins and Crystal Harris do not make me feel like having much to do with them. I wouldn’t even discuss them if they weren’t Playmates. Crystal McCahill was a big disappointment. Kimberly Phillips was not bad at all but nothing about her really managed to reach out to me. As for Dasha Astafieva, initially I really liked her but her charm ended very quickly – still she does look great in some pictures.

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…> wrote:
> I have been voting for the past 9 years for POY allways Blonde I like the Haff way of girls .But this years i must say that my vote is with Hope she just whaoo and have personalety for it .At #2 I have crystal mccahill crystal Haris at 3 the rest do not do it for me.I wish playboy post the top 3


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