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Retrospective Playmate Ranking - 2009

This is my ranking and I’m sticking with it. In my book, Dasha was a poor choice for 50th Anniversary Playmate, as I ranked her below the Shannon twins. The Shannon twins are tied in my book, but since Karissa was July, I’ll give Kristina the higher spot. I think Hope is this year’s best so I gave her the top spot but I don’t think she needs the PMOY title, she already has a lot going on for her. So my personal choice for PMOY is Kelley, I met her in person at GC and she was very nice and personable and I think she would be a good pick. I like Jessica a lot, but I don’t think she’ll get it due to her relation with Playboy as of late. I would be delighted if Kim Phillips or Lindsay Evans gets it, but anyone below that is a bit disappointing.

I think Crystal Harris is the odds on favorite since she is Hef’s bottom bitch, but I think the sleeper choice is Crystal McCahill due to her good relation with Playboy and her mother being a former girlfriend of Hef. But of all the Playmates, other than the twins, I personally dislike Cyrstal McCahill the most, it just seems like she would be the least friendly to meet in person. I could be wrong though.

1. Hope Dworaczyk

2. Kelley Thompson

3. Jessica Burciaga

4. Kimberly Phillips

5. Lindsey Gayle Evans

6. Candice Cassidy

7. Jennifer Pershing

8. Crystal Harris

9. Crystal McCahill

10. Kristina Shannon

11. Karissa Shannon

12. Dasha Astafieva



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