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Kudos to Jenn for her exemplary behavior

In a forum, a newer Playmate whose name won’t be mentioned, was being lambasted for how she treated comments about her new enhancements. A woman honored to be a Playmate by acknowledging her marvelous attributes couldn’t leave well enough alone and had a breast and lip job and most people felt neither job was an improvement. Any criticism or comment about them resulted in threats. It was pointed out that Jenn was the opposite of that and here is the quote complimenting Jenn:

“In this context I would like to add that there is one Playmate who I want to specially praise – Jennifer Pershing. Some time back she spent a few weeks on a website (forgot its name) where people were allowed to ask her all kinds of questions and make all kinds of comments. Yet not once did she lose her cool and answered everyone gracefully and often charmingly.”

Thanks to Deepak for his kind words about Jenn.

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