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Retrospective Playmate Ranking - 2009

This is my ranking and I’m sticking with it. In my book, Dasha was a poor choice for 50th Anniversary Playmate, as I ranked her below the Shannon twins. The Shannon twins are tied in my book, but since Karissa was July, I’ll give Kristina the higher spot. I think Hope is this year’s best […]

My Playmate Ranking For 2009

I finally made my ranking for 2009. Here it is.

1. Jennifer Pershing

2. Kelley Brooke Thompson

3. Jessica Burciaga

4. Candice Cassidy

5. Dasha Astafieva

6. Hope Dworaczyk

7. Lindsey Gayle Evans

8. Kimberly Phillips

9. Crystal McCahill

10. Crystal Harris

11. Shannon Twins


For the first not voting Blonde for P.O.Y

PMOY by public opinion will be a close call between Hope Dworaczyk, Candice Cassidy and Jessica Burciaga. Jessica will probably lose out since she is not on the best of terms with those who matter. Hope sure seems the likely winner at the moment. Candice had the best centerfold by far and this is the […]

Jennifer Pershing’s Criticism Astonished Me

Jennifer Pershing is possibly my favorite so far in 2009. She
represents a sweet contrast with Jessica Burciaga’s sexiness who is
without doubt the other favorite. Dasha Astafieva impressed me a lot
but her appeal seemed to diminish with repeated looks. Hope Dworazyck
looks promising but will take time to grow on me. I still […]

Playmate Blog: Miss March’s Fantasy Weekend

This past weekend I joined my Playmate pal Jessica Burciaga (Miss February 2009) for an issue signing at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Palm Springs. It was a really cool event, and they had it set up really, really nice for us. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but there […]

Jennifer Pershing hits Sin City–again

Well, after another appearance in Vegas earlier this week—that makes two in close to a week—I think it’s safe to say it’s now starting to feel like a second home. I’ve been to Vegas so many times since I moved out to L.A., so whenever I get the chance to go out […]

Playboy bunnies heading back to Fantasy Springs

Fantasy Springs Resort Casino is beginning to look a lot like “Playboy’s” favorite spot east of Los Angeles to debut its monthly edition of the popular magazine.

Miss February 2009, Jessica Burciaga and Miss March 2009, Jennifer Pershing will be on the casino floor from 9 p.m. to midnight March 7 to […]


Playboy Playmates Jennifer Pershing and Jessica Burciaga

Saturday March 7th, from 9PM to 12Midnight

Fantasy Springs Resort Casino is proud to introduce the beautiful and sexy Playboy Playmates, Miss February 2009, JESSICA BURCIAGA and Miss March 2009, JENNIFER PERSHING to the public at a special Playboy Magazine signing party on Saturday, March 7th […]

Quick thoughts on December 2008 issue

Cover – I generally like it, and her body looks great, but the skin
tones of her face bug me for some reason. Love the fact that it’s
apparently an outdoor shot. A nice change from the usual studio setup.

Babe of the Month – Never heard of her before, probably will never hear
of her again, but Mariqueen […]