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NYE 2010: Official Playboy New Year’s Eve Celebration

Playboy VIP Lounge

Playboy VIP Lounge Tickets: $300
(Includes Full Access to All Ballrooms)

UPGRADE Playboy VIP Lounge Ticket: $100
(These upgrades only available for individuals who purchased regular party tickets.)

The 10,000 square foot Playboy VIP Lounge will bring together nightlife and gambling to create an experience true to the Playboy Club’s beginnings. The event will be in celebration […]

Jennifer Pershing hits Sin City–again

Well, after another appearance in Vegas earlier this week—that makes two in close to a week—I think it’s safe to say it’s now starting to feel like a second home. I’ve been to Vegas so many times since I moved out to L.A., so whenever I get the chance to go out […]

Homespun Centerfold

Homespun Centerfold

Somers Point-born Jennifer Pershing is ‘Playboy’ magazine’s Miss March 2009

by Ray Schweibert
Homespun Centerfold Somers Point-born Jennifer Pershing is ‘Playboy’ magazine’s Miss March 2009
By Ray Schweibert

The path her life has taken thus far is largely one Jennifer Pershing carved out on her own volition, but like anyone else she’s been able to […]

Playmate Jennifer Pershing – Miss March 2009

Sunday, 02.22.09

Description: Miss March 2009 Jennifer Pershing took photos with fans and made friends through out the Playboy club then in the main room of MOON DJ Scotty Boy rocked the New BURGER tattoo and the girls of MOON displayed why the night is called the GoodLIFE…
Who’s Who: JENNIFER PERSHING and Scotty Boy
Photographer: Hew Burney
Venue: […]


Dolla and Tank, who sound like they should be members of G.I. Joe and not a rapper and R&B singer, respectively, were at Jet inside The Mirage Saturday night when Dolla belatedly celebrated his 21st birthday with a two-song performance. His birthday was in November, but what’s a couple of months between friends and cocktail […]