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Jenn Pershing Playmate Xtras

I have to say this sadly. This has got to one of the worst Playmate Xtras ever.

No the problem is not Jennifer. In fact I really like her big bright black eyes, hair, smile and cute breasts.

It’s about the complete lack of imagination and creativity in this production.

This is quite a setback considering that the […]

Playboy CyberClub: Jennifer Pershing

In Jennifer Pershing’s centerfold (March 2009) we’ve been rockin’ all night. Now it’s time for some rollin’.

Jennifer took some great pictures, as shown by her PMOM feature. Unfortunately the centerfold, while good, isn’t as good as others we are shown. The main problem is in no way Jennifer, it’s the pose. Other Playmates have struck […]

Retrospective Playmate Ranking - 2009

This is my ranking and I’m sticking with it. In my book, Dasha was a poor choice for 50th Anniversary Playmate, as I ranked her below the Shannon twins. The Shannon twins are tied in my book, but since Karissa was July, I’ll give Kristina the higher spot. I think Hope is this year’s best […]

For the first not voting Blonde for P.O.Y

PMOY by public opinion will be a close call between Hope Dworaczyk, Candice Cassidy and Jessica Burciaga. Jessica will probably lose out since she is not on the best of terms with those who matter. Hope sure seems the likely winner at the moment. Candice had the best centerfold by far and this is the […]